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Massey Ferguson 360

A Brief History Of Massey Ferguson 360 Tractors You Need To Know

Production of Massey Ferguson 360 tractor

Following the union, Massey Ferguson 360 Massey Ferguson definite to keep the three-point hitch, intended by Ferguson, because it was the main selling point. Though, there were struggles later between the old competitors. But Massey Ferguson didn’t let this battle get in the method of their business that was thriving at that time. It sustained selling two lines of tractors: one that came with the Massey Harris brand and the other with the Ferguson brand. The struggle was so simple that a distinct dealer held the network of these two brands.

This finally led to misperception between the clients and the dealers. It gave rise to additional conflicts about future designs. The problem became unbearable for Ferguson who left the panel in less than one year as of a squabble about the design of Massey-Harris Model ’50.’ But that didn’t break Massey Ferguson to convert one of the main manufacturers of tractors in the world.

Massey Ferguson started their journey:

Massey Ferguson started making an extensive variety of farming vehicles that farmers still use today. They required people to trust Massey Ferguson because of their high-quality tractors. You may come by farmers from the 70s or 80s still using Massey Ferguson tractors for their sturdiness.
Soon, Massey Ferguson came up with an additional fruitful model, the MF 135. It became popular proximately because of its flexibility, power, and dependability. MF 135 was also the primary model from the MF 100 series. The huge achievement of the MF 100 series gave Massey Ferguson the sureness to develop the MF 1000 series. It contained only four models: MF 1100, MF 1150, MF 1130, and MF 1080. They later presented the MF 500 series that had 6 models.

New-age tractors:

The 80s noticeable the start of the production of the MF 600 series. These comprised models like MF 690, MF 690T, MF 675, MF 698, MF 699, Massey Ferguson 360, and MF 695. While the previous models were widespread, they didn’t have the best discernibility. The MF 600 series became a prompt hit for the reason of supreme visibility that suited field processes when it came to controlling and handling livestock.

The company is also definite to promote the MF 300 series in the same year. Massey Ferguson is the name you can trust when it comes to farming tractors. Their need to turn up with better models is a sign of what the corporation aims to do for the agricultural industry.

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