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Water bowser

Water Bowser In South Africa : Overview, Specification, and Price


Water bowser is an amazing add-on to a tractor that facilitates several operations. Attach this bowser to your tractor and drag it anywhere you want. The vehicle is easily towable and is used to carry water or liquid substances. You can use it for other purposes too, which depends entirely on your needs. Consider it as a stationary water resource or a transporter. Use it in every possible way you feel comfortable. If you want to purchase a towable water bowser, Malik Agro Industries is your ideal turn-to company serving farmers for years.

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Specifications of Towable Water Bowser

Water bowsers used as an attachment to a tractor are an excellent solution to transport liquid loads in a safe mode. These can be water, fuel, or others. The vehicles come with attaching and detaching options to easily mount and remove them. Ladders are also provided to get on the vehicle and access all of its areas. If you are looking for a tractor bowser for sale, Malik Agro Industries is the leading name to offer durable browsers.


A water bowser for sale can perform several functions, some of which are enlisted below;

Transport liquid materials

Spray water on surfaces such as roads or fields

Stationary resource of water to keep an area moist

Source of water for general horticultural use

Watering trees, suburbs, and plants

Sprinkle at back

This list is just an idea to explain what a water bowser does. You can use it for similar other farm procedures. The gigantic vehicle is durable, capacious, and smart to serve a large area. It is large enough to carry a subsistent amount of liquid resources and satisfy different needs. Ladders are also strong and let you access all the points necessary to load and unload liquids. Are you looking for a water bowser for sale near me? Get in touch with us to settle your requirements.


Agriculture in South Africa

On the African subcontinent, South Africa is believed to have the largest agricultural land. In 2020 statistics, the country’s fertile land amounted to more than 96 million hectares. That means about more than 80 percent of the South African land favors agriculture. But it is unfortunate to know that it is cultivating only 12.5 percent of the total land. While 87 percent is covered in pastures and permanent meadows.


With this matchless agricultural resource, the economy of South Africa is service oriented. In 2020 the contribution of the agricultural sector to GDP was only 2.4 percent. This was among the lowest rates in the subcontinent. If you are on the lookout for a trustworthy brand to purchase a water browser with a pump, we can help. Our company has a brilliant tractor water bowser for sale.


Best Prospects and Opportunities for Foreign Investors  in South Africa

Some of the best prospects for foreign investors in South Africa are tractors, balers, combined harvesters, planters, sprayers, spare parts, service facilities, soil testing equipment, bowser water tank, and loaders. They can sell this equipment at reasonably good prices and pave farmers’ way to agricultural and financial prosperity. The country has recently confronted an economic downturn, but it has not stopped farmers from being optimistic about a promising future.


Subtle rains and dry weather conditions have opened countless opportunities for investors to launch initiatives in South Africa. There is also matchless room for integrating digital technology in the agriculture sector. It will equip farmers with digitalized agricultural inputs to boost their access to better financing across the entire value chain. Innovative farming vehicles are also a brilliant way to improve the staggering position of the agriculture sector. One such resourceful and cost-effective machine is the agricultural water browser. If you are looking for a water browser tractor for sale, contact us now to get the most amazing deal.

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Water Bowser Trailor Price in South Africa

To overcome the dry and drought-prone conditions in South Africa, a farm water bowser for sale can prove advantageous. It comes with a hard-wearing chassis to last in all sorts of adverse conditions. Our extensive variety of browsers is ideal for application as emergency water tanks and towable water sources. Our water bowser trailers have  following features;

Low ground, wide tread, pressure floatation tires and wheels

Rigid steel welded construction

Massive capacities to bear liquid loads

Robust chassis with seamless conjunction points

Adorned with quality studs and hubs


The water bowser price in South Africa is budget-friendly. To place an order, get in contact with our team. If you are looking for a farm water bowser for sale in South Africa, we have amazing deals for you. Our process to place an order and make payments is smooth, seamless, and hassle-free. We try to keep the procedure as uncomplicated as possible.


A water bowser is a handy vehicle when you do not have access to a reliable water resource. It works as a matchless on-site solution owing to vigorous off-road capabilities. Growth estates, construction sites, and farming sectors all employ and love these tow browsers for their wonderful sturdiness and flexibility. To purchase an agricultural water bowser, contact us now and get the best deal.


Why Malik Agro Industries and not any other Brand?

Are you on the lookout for modern agricultural machinery, instruments, and spare parts? We have a perfect solution to facilitate you. Getting confused with multiple names offering agricultural machines might mislead you. Spend your hard-earned money on a trustworthy vehicle that guarantees a long-lasting farming journey with you. In this pursuit, Malik Agro Industries is the perfect choice no matter where you live in the world. Our vehicles are cost-effective, easy to operate and assure top-class reliability.


Our official website is a direct and easily accessible way to grab one of our machines. We deliver worldwide services from our main office housed in Lahore, Pakistan. Some countries are the main focus of our exports such as Australia, Thailand, New Zea Land, and Panama. With these vehicles, we aim to realize our dream of an agriculturally prosperous world. To purchase any of our unbeatable vehicles, contact our online team, or visit the official website. We offer premium builds, with comprehensive instrumentations and add-ons, that charge minimalist maintenance costs. Thus, by decreasing expenditures and inputs, and increasing farm output, our vehicles conveniently pave the route to financial fulfillment.

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