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Tractors In Tanzania

Are You Looking For Good Tractors In Kenya? | Malik Agro

Are You Looking For Good Tractors In Kenya?

We Malik Agro Industries are here to always serve you in Kenya. Our primary goal is to furnish the neighbourhood and country farmer with all cultivating necessities in a reasonable, yet powerful way Tractors In Kenya. All extras are promptly accessible, including the foundation to fix all items sold, with extraordinary assistance ensured.  We have confidence in proficiency which is the reason we keep a consistent load of tractors, as well as a huge stockpile of executes including ones, for example, disc plows, shear plows, rotovators, planters. Our tractors are affordable and highly versatile.

Two-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive?

Kenyan farmers are gradually embracing motorization, and tractors is the principal ranch hardware that most ranchers start with. Which farm truck is best for you to purchase in Kenya? 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive?

While the two work vehicles can do a similar work, there are some ranch occupations that are more qualified to either a 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive farm hauler.

A 2-wheel drive can do any work that a 2-wheel drive farm vehicle can do. However, a 4-wheel drive comes at an additional an expense, and truly you should have a decent avocation to spend more cash on a 4 wheel rather than 2-wheel farm truck.

A 4-wheel drive work vehicle is for the most part more adaptable and tough for a more extensive assortment of homestead occupations. With power dispersed in every one of the 4 wheels, the 4-wheel drive farm haulers offer better foothold to the ground more than the two-wheeled.

When We Need A 4-Wheel Drive?

  1. If your land is sloppy
  2. Also, if you use tractors to pull heavy attachments like trailers, tillers, plough etc
  3. If your soil is heavy and wet or muddy

When We Need 2-Wheel Tractor?

  1. If you are working on a dry land
  2. Although, if your land is relatively flat
  3. If you use the tractor with application equipment e.g. sprayer, planter, spreader.

While a 4-wheel tractor can assist you with finishing farm tasks that range from fundamental to weighty, the 2-wheel drive has the advantage of being more flexibility. Two wheeled are likewise more reasonable if financial plan is something that you would need to consider.

Why Are Tractors Important For My Farm?

Durability And Powerful

The vast majority of the tractors are intended to chip away at harsh territories and pull weighty burdens. For this, the motor creates a tremendous measure of power to achieve such undertakings really. The advanced renditions are empowered with axles comprised of solid metal for an additional a layer of durability and strength. Along with this, you can depend on the factors in any event, during the hardest circumstances. Quality farm trucks are additionally work to endure. So regardless errand you want the work vehicle to preform, you realize it can deal with it effortlessly.


Not at all like some other machine found in the agriculture area, tractor is something that can play out a wide scope of tasks. For instance, you can utilize a smaller work vehicle for normal cultivating position to planting assignments at an outrageous straightforwardness. Further, there is a wide variety of equipment that can be attached to them, such as back hoes or front loaders to carry even wider jobs. By purchasing a multi-purpose tractor,, you are potentially limiting the amount of other equipment you need to purchase.

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