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Silage Machines in Pakistan

Silage Machine in Pakistan, Advantages:

  • Increase the potential production of nutrients
  • Reduce the number of labourers required.
  • Great harvesting and mechanical feeding
  • Reduce overall feed costs by improving silage and forage quality and reducing field losses.
  • Long-lasting, razor-sharp blades
  • System with high speed and efficiency
  • Cut numerous crops at the same time
  • Increase the nutritional value
  • pleasant and easy to absorb
  • Cropping intensity has increased.
  • Less wastage and lower costs


  1. Silage Machine by hand

This fodder cutter is only appropriate for small and medium scale production due to its low capacity. This is, nonetheless, a useful system with management controls and other features. The silage machine can produce between one and three tonnes of silage every hour. While cutting rice straw, dry corn straw, and crop stalks is ideal.

A cutting structure, moving structure, transmission structure, feeding structure, and protection structure are all present on this machine. This high-quality equipment is adequate for feeding a few cattle, lambs, or horses.

Silage Machine (Automatic)

A tractor is used to operate the automatic Silage Machine in pakistan. It comes with a gearbox and an automatic feeding device.Moreover a belt conveying system is used to operate this silage machine. This variety, on the other hand, is better suited to medium and large agricultural fodder scales.

While it even has a production capability of up to 10 tonnes per hour and effectively combats severe crop cutting. Automatic silage machines can also be utilised in the organic fertiliser business, food processing, and papermaking, among other things.

Consider These Factors Before Purchasing a Silage Machine

Any silage machine in Pakistan selection is a critical stage that necessitates your attention and knowledge of the machine’s key features. While we’ve listed those variables here to make your selecting process smoother and more dependable.

Useful Information

You should always keep in mind why you are purchasing the silage machine. It’s ok if you want to purchase an equipment for a small farm or enterprise. However, if you intend to use it on a broad basis, you will almost certainly require a massive system.


Silage machines are typically constructed of heavy-duty steel. Moreover rubber wheels are on some of the machines. Ideally, you should get a machine with a steel frame.


The silage machine has a capacity of 1 to 10 tonnes per hour. And you should think about it in terms of the quantity of animals you have.


The machine’s material and structure determine its durability. Steel is a very robust material that retains its quality over time.

Why Malik Agro Industries Farm Implements?

Customized designs to meet the needs of individual customers. Simple to use, with a sturdy design that has been field tested for reliability and longevity. Moreover Malik Agro Industries Engineering has received ISO 9001 certification. In addition, our entire manufacturing process is subjected to stringent in-process quality checks.
A six-month warranty covers all K.E. items against manufacturing faults and poor workmanship. Moreover the hydraulic and pneumatic components are all made in Europe. And are rigorously tested under difficult conditions, ensuring that machine downtime is kept to a minimal.

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