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Massey Ferguson 385 tractors

Massey Ferguson For Sale In Kuwait

Massey Ferguson in Kuwait

Massey Ferguson in Kuwait tractor price 2020, Specifications, Reviews and technical brochure have been shared on this blog. This tractor which is a very powerful horsepower Tractor is hot cake of the company. Sale of the company is boosted by only this model. Specially in sugarcane areas of Pakistan this model is popular for haulage purposes.

Massey Ferguson Tractor has an edge over other tractors due to more traction, bigger front wheels and greater pulling power. MF is simple yet powerful machinery. This tractor is mainly used in muddy or sandy lands where more power and traction is required. This tractor is also used in heavy construction projects with loaders and backhoe etc. Malik agro industries is the best provider of Mf Tractors in Kuwait and all over the Arab countires. Malik agro industries has huge list of satisfied customers.

About MF 385

Massey Ferguson MF 385 is the best 4 wheel drive farm tractor by Massey Ferguson. It has amazing features that make it extraordinary efficient tractor as compare to others.

Some of the salient features of MF 385 4 WD are listed below:

MF 385 4 WD has more filed work speed than 2 WD tractors.MF 385 4 WD has a greater traction.

385 4 WD has more drawbar pull and drawbar power than 2 WD tractors.

Massey Ferguson MF 385 4 WD has more tyre wear.

Massey Ferguson MF 385 4 WD is rugged, maneuverable and compact tractor.

MF 385 has reduced gas emissions and smoke level.

Massey Ferguson MF 385 has hydrostatic power steering and efficient oil immersed multi disc brake system.

Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD tractor efficiently reduces the gassy emissions under ECE R49.

More power with less consumption.

Proven design worldwide backup.

High Torque with low RPM.

Duel Clutch.

Independent power-take off.

Good torque more work. Low Noise Engine.

Easy to start

Perkins Engine 4.41

Emissions standards Reduced Gaseous

Malik agro industries is the leading dealer of all kinds of Massey Ferguson tractors (Brand New and Used). We export all MF tractors to many regions of the world. Our target markets are growing and now in 2020 we export farming vehicles to Asia, Africa, Middle East, Americas, Australia and certain countries in Europe.


High Performance Diesel

Low Noise Engine

Reduced Gaseous Emissions under ECE R49

Reduced Smoke Level

MF 385 is mostly used on tractor trolley in sugar cane areas



Engine power at 2,200 rpm          85 (B.S) hp*

Torque at 1,400 engine rpm        300 Nm

PTO power at rated engine         70 hp**


*Certified to BS.AU 141a: (1971)

** Manufacturer’s estimate


Type      Diesel / 4.41
No. of cylinders                4
Injection              Direct
Bore      101 mm
Stroke   127 mm
Capacity (litres) 4.1
Aspiration           Natural
Compression ratio           15.3:1
Starting aid         Thermo starter
Throttle control                Hand and foot
Cooling Water
Air Cleaner Type               Oil bath
Air Pre-Cleaner Over bonnet

Fuel filter             Dual, high

air swirl

Exhaust                Vertical muffler
under bonnet
Oil Cooler            Water Cooled


Voltage                12V,

Negative Earth

Battery 118 Ah

Starter Motor    2.8 kW

Alternator           45 Amp.


Type      Dual

Diameter             305 x 254 mm

Lining material   Cerametallic


Type      Sliding spur

Number of gears              8 forward

and 2 reverse

Road speed at 2,200 engine

rpm with18.4/15-30 rear tyres

Gear      Speed (km/hr)

Forward 1            (first low)            2.9

2            4.2

3            5.8

4            7.8

5            (first high)           11.6

6            17.0

7            23.13

8            31.0

1            (low)     4.0

2            (high)    15.7


Type      Hydrostatic


Type      Heavy Duty Box

Section, Adjustable


Axle Type            Straddle with

epicyclical reduction unit

Brake Type         Oil immersed,


Brake Pedal        Pendant

Braking Area      1,774 sq.cm

Brakes Actuation              Hydraulic

Parking Brake    Hand lever operated


Type      Live

Engine speed at 540 PTO rpm     1,789 rpm

Shaft diameter  35 mm

No. of splines    6


Functions            Draft control,

Position control & Response Control, Constant pumping

Pump Type         4 Piston, Ferguson


Oil Flow                16.7 l/min

Pressure              21.2 MPa

at normal operating temperature

Lift capacity with              2,145 kg

lower links horizontal

Lower links         With Cat. I & II interchangeable balls


Gauges Tachometer,

Hour meter, Fuel level, Battery condition & Water temperature.Warning lights Direction indicators, Electric charge, Headlight main beam, Low engine oil pressure, Brake lights & Auxiliary socket


Front 7.50-16 (6PR)

Rear 18.4/15-30 (8 PR)


Front Axle           1,271 – 1,881 mm

Rear Axle             1,423 – 2,134 mm


(With 7.50-16 Front & 18.4/15-30 rear wheel

with full fuel, oil & water)


Gross Weight     2,435 kg


Overall length    3,760 mm

Width (min.)      1,870 mm

Wheel base        2,286 mm


Over exhaust     2,485 mm

Over steering wheel       1,781 mm

Turning Circle

Without brakes 7,502 mm

Ground Clearence

Under gear box                501 mm


Fuel Tank             108.0

Engine sump      7.5

Cooling system 15.2

Hydraulic system              36.0

Hydrostatic steering reservoir    2.0

Oil bath air – cleaner        0.7

Brake Oil              0.25


Weight frame without weights, Standard tool box with set of tools, Top link, Top link end Cat I & II balls, Check

Chains, Stabilizer Chains, Spring suspension seat, Flat top fenders & Operator’s and service manual.


Front end weights, Swinging drawbar, Sun Canopy, Pintle Hook and 9 Hole drawbar.

 Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale in Kuwait

Malik agro industries deal used & new tractors in use and all over the worlds the farming field directs linked with human life from day one after the birth of this earth. Whether you are living in Pakistan or any other part of the world you will observe that farmers and the agronomist community are consecutively doing keen research and implementing the modern agriculture methods to grow profitable crops to contribute to country’s economy.

 Kuwait Massey Ferguson Tractor supplier

Kuwait Massey Ferguson supplier and Agricultural Farmer Tractors Implements is available for sale at a very low price at our latest stock available for Kuwait UAE And Africa We supply tractors for Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, South Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Cameroon, Togo, Ghana, Botswana, Namibia etc.

How to order Massey Ferguson from Pakistan to Kuwait

Kindly in touch with our sales team on social media channels such as Facebook, linked in, whatsapp number and write us an email one Email us and one of our sales representatives will provide you the complete assistance regarding Agriculture Tractors and Implement. All information available on our website home page.

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