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Massey Ferguson 375

Massey Ferguson 375 Get Brand new MF 375 tractor with advanced implements

Massey Ferguson 375 Get Brand new MF 375 tractor with advanced implements

Massey Ferguson 375 is the most famous model manufactured by Massey Ferguson in Pakistan. Freshly there hardly any alterations done by MF launch a new sleek look with the modish wrapper front probe. MF 375 is taken into account extremely sturdy economical with a low noise engine.

Correspondingly brand New Massey Ferguson 375 with 75HP is painstaking to be the top model in the market. MF-375 tractor is the most chosen agricultural tractor by farmers just about the world. Massey Ferguson 375 tractor for sale has turned into the primary choice for the farmers owed to its fuel effectiveness, environmental qualities, less noise, resilience.Together with People seem for Massey Ferguson 375 tractor for sale as it is the main authoritative tractor in the souk with an eccentric mode and features. Massey Ferguson 375 price is very efficient. Malik Argo Industries supply an occupied series of replacement and spare tractor parts and trimmings for Massey Ferguson.

Malik Argo Industries Tractors

Comparatively MF 375 75hp the most eminent model contrived the Malik Argo industries. It is 75 HP and 2WD with hydrostatic supremacy direction-finding. Newly have been only some alterations made MF introducing a new smooth look with the modish covering front grill. MF 375 is taken into explanation enormously strapping and cost-effective with a low noise engine.

Similarly it has 4.1L 4 cylinders nonstop injection engine which creates a torque of 290Nm at 1400RPM having a PTO command of 63 HP. MF 375 has a descending urge type broadcast with 8 Forward and 2 Reverse gears with a pinnacle velocity of 29KPH. With the foul load of just 2295 Kg, it brings the supplementary benefit of less fuel utilization and added hydraulic power.

And MF 375 is extremely demanded in the African continent and extensively exported all over Africa particularly NIGERIA, BOTSWANA, GHANA, KENYA, and adjoining countries. This superior number of imports also makes the sort of spare parts of this model very simple to locate and supply.

Massey Ferguson 375 Tractors Technical Specification

As well as Massey Ferguson MF-375 Tractor Technical provision comprises its 75HP power with a locomotive of Perkins, diesel-4.248 and its engine momentum at 540 live PTO rpm is 1789 rpm. MF-375 Transmission is a sliding spur with 8 advance and 2 reverse gears. It has a Cerametallic Dual Clutch with full-bodied overlap Rear Axle with Epicyclical diminution Unit, Oil-immersed Multi-Disc Brakes, and Hydrostatic Power Steering to make certain the trouble-free handling and flat operations of the tractor. MF-375 Hydraulic System Does Draft manage, likewise Position Control,  moreover Response Control, nonstop Pumping with the greatest oil stream of 16.7 liters/min, and elating ability of 2145 kg.

Well-known assets OF Massey Ferguson 375 TRACTORS

  • New extremely effectual Head Lights and stylish Indicators.
  • Mid Mounted better Balancer for abridged Engine vibrations and flat Running.
  • Better Harness Set with Heat Shrinkage Sleeves & Water Proof Couplers.
  • Hard-wearing & exceedingly competent Low Noise Engine.
  • A new smooth look with chic Wrapper & Gill.
  • Oil Cooler Added for useful Cooling.
  • Heavy Duty Front Axle & hold up.
  • New spring postponement luxurious Seat.
  • Elegant Steering Wheel for compact Steering stab.


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Client commitment and satisfaction

Additionally Whoever buys tractors in Pakistan & South Africa from Malik Argo Industries becomes a life-time-client. We are in service for decades but to this time, we have acknowledged no objection from our customers. Such is our professionalism and our customer’s fulfillment. We do not believe in purchasing poorer quality goods just to get a lesser price; the hassle caused by lesser yield does not value the preliminary saving.

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