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Massey Ferguson 360 for sale

Massey Ferguson 360 For Sale At Malik Agro Industries

Massey Ferguson 360 for sale

Used Massey Tractors are a family-owned corporation originally based in the agricultural county of Pakistan and South Africa. We have a long-standing reputation providing both new and good quality used Massey Ferguson tractors to the local agricultural public. Also, For a wide variety of applications. New and used MF tractors are supplied for use in root crop, grassland, arable, vegetable, and livestock farming throughout Pakistan and South Africa. Moreover, It Resulting in a large and altering stock of good quality pre-owned used Massey Ferguson 360 for sale at Malik Agro Industries Used Massey Tractors.

Contact Malik Agro Industries Used Massey Tractors by email or phone for quick efficient service. Or visit our view of the Used Massey Tractor stock, and choose MF tractor personally. If you do not see the Used Massey Tractor you are observing for, then please query, and the Used Massey Tractors sales team will find you the used MF tractor you are looking for.

Massey Ferguson Global Series MF4700, MF5700 & MF6700 And Massey Ferguson 360 for sale:

The global variety of Massey Ferguson tractors is now comprehensive with the presentation of the MF4700, Massey Ferguson 360 for sale, MF5700, and MF6700 series tractors. The MF4700 series includes 3 models MF4707 – 75hp, MF4708 – 85hp and MF4709 – 95hp. The MF5700 series with the similar style, cab, and features but with amplified rear lift capacity comprises two models the MF5710 – 105hp and MF5711 -115hp, while the range-topping MF6700 series comprises the top two models the MF6712 – 125hp and MF6713 – 135hp again with the similar features and style but amplified strength and lift volume, now up to 5.2 tonnes, to suit the upsurge in horsepower.

The MF4700, MF5700, and MF6700

The MF4700, MF5700, and MF6700 are all part of the Massey Ferguson Global series of robust, and up-front all-purpose tractors. They are amassed to the same high standards as their greater brothers, using advanced manufacturing, enterprise, and testing processes.

The complete range features well-proven Power SISU engines. With the MF4700 series being 3 cylinders whilst the MF5700 and MF6700 get 4-cylinder components. With a current expansive and ergonomically intended cab. The decision of ROPS – roll bar forms. The obtainable in either 4WD or choice of 2WD there will be a model of Massey Ferguson

Global tractor to ensemble your task. Intended with ease and comfort of use in mind, the MF4700, 5700, and MF6700 tractors all feature a 12 x 12 Synchro broadcast, with the choice of either a simple mechanical clutch or a left-hand Power shuttle as we are acquainted with on the greater models of Massey Ferguson.

With forward-thinking powerful open centre hydraulic systems, up to 98litres/min oil flow, simple-to-use electronic rear connection control, and a variety of options to suit all tasks the MF Global series are a truly up-to-date variety of utility tractors. Intended to work optimally with the variety of Massey Ferguson front-end loaders. These are extremely multipurpose tractors for every field and farmyard task.

Advantage of Online Purchase:

-You will contract it at the finest price

  • If the corporation doing service online means they do not trust any stock in your country. It means them valid storage cast. They do delivery as per customer order.
  • They are not going to keep any worker like showroom .so, mutable cast like electricity, worker salary, Showroom building rent all zero for them.
  • If the constructor supplies the tractor, then they can supply the current year producer model. But the showroom person requirements to clear his old stock beforehand he gets into current-year production.
  • As we recognize every product production cast is less, depend on the central man the price of the goods grows changes. Every middle man will complement their margin so atlas the customer/Clients are the ones who suffer.

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