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Massey Ferguson tractors for sale

Massey Ferguson 265 for sale in Sri Lanka| Buy MF 265 in Srilanka


Mf 265 In Sri Lanka includes a reliable 4cylinder Perkins Engine, which produces 60 HP. The massey ferguson first produced in England in 1965 – 1979

The Massey Ferguson 265 is and incredibly reliable tractor that’s asked for by many customers.

These tractors are highly regarded and may be seen working in a very sort of countries across the world. they’re highly regarded for export because we will, fit 4 in a very 20 foot container and eight in a very 40 foot if needed, or we will ship individually betting on your needs and budget.

Why it is demanding in Sri-lanka?

There’s lots to like about the Massey Ferguson 265. It hits all the proper categories: foolproof design, many power, and straightforward repair at an inexpensive price.

This isn’t the primary time I’ve raved about the easy design of Massey Ferguson tractors. Their model 135 could be a classic worldwide and permanently reason. The 265 shares many of the identical design principles, but it’s a size bigger and a generation newer. While earlier models were offered with a choice of 4 different engines (Perkins or Continental, diesel or gasoline), the 265 kept only the best: an upgraded 3.9L Perkins diesel motor.

The four-cylinder engine churns out many power: 50 hp at the drawbar and 60 PTO. The three-point hitch is incredibly strong, with a rear lift rating of 4,100 pounds.

Massey Ferguson tractors are known for his or her simple repair and also the 265 isn’t any exception. While these are very high-hour tractors, any machine will need regular maintenance. Anyone with basic mechanical knowledge should be ready to make ordinary repairs to the current tractor.

The 265 enjoyed a protracted and popular production run, stretching from 1975 to 1983. The 265 shared many parts in common with its predecessor, the 165, which was produced from 1964 to 1975. this massive production window and commonality with the 165 is great news for the parts situation.


Massey Ferguson 265 Tractor Reviews Massey Ferguson 265 is one amongst the MF 200 series, which has its older brother, Massey Ferguson 275 and younger brother, Massey Ferguson 255. Like other models of this series, 1975 Itibaren 1983 up to eight years to enjoy a production work.

It takes its power Perkins AD 4,236, 4 cylinder diesel. it’s a engine size of three.9 liters and diesel burn at a median rate of 14.5 liters/hour (3.8 US gallons/hour). The engine uses a liquid cooling system that needs 10.4 liters of coolant to totally fill and ensure it works properly enough to forestall the engine cool and overheating. The oil must be topped with 7.6 liters before the engine is operated to create sure it’s lubricated correctly. Total Perkins ad 4,236 produces 61 Hp.


Model Massey Ferguson 265
Height Standard: 1,600 mm (63.1 in.)
Row-crop: 1,700 mm (67.3 in.)
Low-profile: 1,570 mm (62.1 in.)
Wheelbase 2,080 mm (82 in.)
Ground clearance Standard: 400 mm (16 in.)
Row-crop: 460 mm (18.4 in.)
Low-profile: 370 mm (14.9 in.)
Weight (operating) 2,896 kg (6,385 lb.)
Fuel tank capacity 70.0 l (18.5 Gal.)
Battery 12V 95A


Massey Ferguson 265 Tractors for sale in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka Massey Ferguson 265 Tractor supplier

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How to order Massey Ferguson 265 from Pakistan to Sri Lanka.

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