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massey ferguson mf 240

Massey Ferguson 240 for sale in South Africa

MF 240 Tractor for sale in South Africa

Specification of massey ferguson mf 240  A 2WD or 4WD utility tractor from the 200 series is the Massey Ferguson 240. From 1980 to 1999, Massey Ferguson produced this tractor in Coventry, England. A 2.5 L three-cylinder diesel engine and a sliding gear transmission with 8 forward and 2 reverse ratios power the MF 240. 

Using a Perkins AD3.152 engine, the Massey Ferguson 240 utility tractor was built. It has a three-cylinder, naturally aspirated diesel engine with a displacement of 2.5 L (2,491 cm2), 91.0 mm (3.58 in) cylinder bore, and 127.0 mm (5 in) piston stroke. The maximum output power of massey ferguson 240 engine was 46.6 PS (34.3 kW; 46.0 HP) at 2,000 rpm. 

Mechanical features of massey ferguson 240 

The massey 240 has mechanical drum (early versions) or differential mechanical wet disc (later versions) brakes, two-post ROPS (canopy was an option), and a gasoline tank capacity of 47.7 litres (12.6 US gal; 10.5 Imp. gal). It also has hydrostatic power steering. Are you looking for massey ferguson tractor in south africa? 

Such cars are not created with consideration for their appearance, or outside. This tractor features a front engine, 6.00 – 16 (6 PR) front tyres, and 12.4 / 11 – 28 (6 PR) rear tyres, just like other tractors. The completely manual transmission and easier-to-access braking system are features of the single driver seat. When it comes to the engine or performance, it has a 50 HP Perkins/AD 3.152 technology engine with thermostats. Three in-line cylinders in the dual high capacity fuel filter provide power on both gasoline and diesel. We have the best massey ferguson parts south africa.   

Six of the most frequent issues with  massey ferguson 240 specs and potential solutions: 

A motor that is too hot: Tractor overheating is frequently caused by radiator failures, coolant-related issues, insufficient engine oil, and broken temperature indicators. The tractor’s engine temperature should range from 150 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. When the engine reaches at least 220 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature warning light will come on. If the indication does not light, check the temperature gauge. We are the right choice for tractor with loader for sale near me. After only a few minutes of driving, if the needle is moving towards the hotter end of the scale, it’s conceivable that the coolant system is malfunctioning and the engine is running hot. Contact Malik Agro Industries for massey ferguson 240 for sale  in south africa.   


The Solution: If the radiator is unclean, it is crucial to clean it because radiators are typically the cause of problems with an overheated tractor. Airflow might be obstructed by dirt, which makes the radiator work. If there isn’t enough coolant in the radiator, let the engine cool down completely. When it has cooled, remove the radiator cap to check for fluid and keep an eye on the coolant levels. Use the same kind of coolant as is currently in the radiator if extra is necessary. We provide the best massey ferguson 240 price. Looking for massey ferguson tractors for sale? We will help you in every possible way. Contact Malik Agro Industries for massey ferguson 260    


Diesel Failure 

If your diesel tractor won’t start, start by looking at the fuel filter. It’s possible that the filter is dirty, obstructing the vents and preventing fuel from the tank from getting to the engine. The most frequent reason for your diesel engine to not shut off is a loss of suction to the fuel injection pump shut-off valve. The most frequent reason for an unexpected loss of vacuum is a leak somewhere along the lines. We can help you if you are looking for tractors for sale near me.  

The main signs of diesel breakdown are a dead battery, clogged fuel filters or lines, damaged or broken mechanical components, an overheated engine, tainted diesel fuel, and jammed gasoline. Are you searching for tractor price. Looking for tractor suppliers near me?  


The Solution:  

If the filter is the source of the issue, remove it and clean it well or replace it. This will most likely make your problem go away. You should take your old battery to a repair before buying a new one. If the fuel injection pump in your tractor is malfunctioning, you should have it serviced by a qualified mechanic. It’s difficult to work on the fuel injection system by yourself. In the long run, trying to fix it yourself can end up costing you more money. Are you looking for tractors for sale?  


Why Malik Agro Industries, exactly? 

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