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mai 375 2wd tractor

MAI 375 2WD Tractor in Zambia: Overview, Specification, and Price

MAI 375 2WD tractor is a durable and competent because of its reliable services. Its powerful engine provides sufficient push to the vehicle, which keeps it working smoothly while limiting noise production. You have comfortable handling at your fingertips with the MAI 375 2WD tractor due to its robust steering with hydrostatic power.

This tractor trolley has an extensive oil cooler to keep the system composed and elevate the user’s experience. Sitting over the spring suspension deluxe seat, you can comfortably operate this machine. A ROPS-style sun canopy is also provided for extra comfort. Purchase this unit now to heighten your farming practices.

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Unique Aspects of MAI 375 2WD Tractor for sale in Zambia

Hydrostatic power steering

High-end front axle

Spring Suspension Deluxe Seat

Comfortable sitting cabin for the operator

Easy accessibility to exposed areas for service and inspection

Fuel-competent and high-performance engine

Multi-disc oil-immersed brake system

Great traction power

ROPS-style sun canopy

PTO belt pulley

International warranty tool kit

Sturdy steering with hydrostatic power

MAI 375 2WD Tractor Power, Performance, and Instrumentation

The new Massey tractor has a powerful engine equipped with the latest and innovative technology. It generates 75 horsepower at 2200 revolutions per minute and 290 Nm torque at 1400 rpm. You get 69.5 horse powers of PTO power at 540 rpm. MAI 375 engine is a powerful Perkins 4.248 diesel type with 4 cylinders.

Bore and stroke diameters of 101 mm and 127 mm provide enough vent for smooth flow. With a compression value of 1:1, you get a thermostat aid and hand and foot throttle control while starting the model. Water-based cooling, Muffler under-bonnet vertical exhaust, and dual high-capacity fuel filter help automate the management of the Massey Ferguson tractors.

Live PTO power takeoff is possible with six splines and a speed shaft with a 35 mm diameter operating at 540 rpm. A smooth and sliding transmission is enabled with 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. With these gears, you get a road speed of 2.3 km/h at 2000 rpm. The MAI tractor price in Zambia is undoubtedly dependable.

Its power-type steering wheel is padded and fixed to allow immersive movements. The additional instrumentation you get along with the vehicle is also very useful. You can use these tools to optimize daily farming tasks.MAI 375 2wd tractor price is relatively less compared to other brands. We ensure high performance and sturdy build while keeping the costs promising.

tractor price in Zambia

Agriculture Sector in Zambia

The Zambian agriculture system comprises three categories of farmers. Approximately 90 percent of the farmers’ community falls in the first category, small-scale producers who produce staple foods. Medium-scale farmers grow some cash crops and maize to sell in the market. Large-scale farmers grow numerous crops to sell at local and international markets. Are you looking for Massey Ferguson combines for sale? Our company has numerous affordable options for you. Visit our official website for detailed guidelines.

Zambian agriculture has a 19% share of the total GDP and gives employment opportunities to the 75% of the population. The country can expand its agricultural potential by making policies and investing in mechanization, as 58% of the total land has a medium to high potential for cultivation. But the country is utilizing only 15% of this segment. You may want brand new tractors for sale. Massey Ferguson is the best company to meet your requirements.

The country has ample water resources, but poor investments and actions in the irrigation system have compelled the farmers to rely on rain-fed growth. Government and individual farmers should emphasize more on the use of modern machines. They help facilitate several areas of farming and enhance overall yield. Moreover, it will also diversify the state economy. You can get new Massey Ferguson tractors for sale all across the world. Contact Malik Agro Industries now to purchase one.

The Role of Mechanization in Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) aims to expand and sustain agricultural productivity and sustainability. To achieve this core concept, this organization highly values sustained mechanization. This terminology refers to the practice of progressively introducing modern machines into farming. It will ensure efficiency in crop production and sustainable growth.

It switches farmers from the use of manually operating hand tools and animal-driven carts to motorized equipment. The benefits of employing machinery in agriculture are not limited to technical aspects. These tools also impact farmers’ output and, in turn, their income. It starts from crop production to processing to profitable products.

Therefore, FAO is committed to training farmers on the use of appropriate tools, machinery, and implements. These environmentally sound practices will help transform the sector. Malik Agro Industries is an all-time go-to option if you are searching for compact tractors for sale in Zambia or anywhere else, Malik Agro Industries is an all-time go-to option.

The size and type of machinery is also a significant factor. You have to pick the machine which best suits your farming needs rather than going for any random unit. Using the wrong vehicle might deliver some benefits, but they would not be sustainable. Are you exploring tractors for sale in Zambia? We can help in this regard.

Why choose Malik Agro Industries to buy MAI 375 2WD Tractor in Zambia?

Finding tractors, spare parts, and agricultural implements for your farming field? Do not feel confused by multiple brands offering agricultural vehicles. Contact now Malik Agro Industries for a rich catalog. We are a trusted name in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of farm machinery. The machines offered by Malik Agro Industries are cost-effective, easily operational, and assure top-class reliability. Our main office is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Our company provides products throughout the globe. However, our export focus mainly revolves around Yemen, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Panama.

Our developers assure top-class instrumentation with minimum bearable maintenance costs.  Its innovative agricultural implements and machinery help farmers relieve loads of time and effort and speed up growth opportunities. Our machinery can be regarded as a new channel of financial fulfillment for farmers. Countries tend to include agricultural policies to assist farmers in expanding their farming potential. That is possible only with the resourceful and sturdy machine by Malik Agro Industries, which delivers massive benefits.

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