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mai 240 2wd tractor

MAI 240 2WD Tractor | Specifications, Performance and Sale in Libya

MAI 240 2WD tractor is a heavy-duty vehicle with a top-notch design and compact build. Malik Agro Industries is offering this vehicle from its headquarters located in Lahore, Pakistan to all across the globe. Its engine is capable of producing 50 hp engine power sufficient enough to handle tedious farming duties. If you want to purchase MAI 240 2WD tractor in Libya, look no further than Malik Agro Industries. Contact our online team to get detailed information about our dealings and offers.


Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale in Libya

Are you looking for tractors for sale in Libya? No doubt, Massey Ferguson is an unparalleled name in the agriculture sector. For years, the company is manufacturing farming vehicles that are both innovative and comforting. They come at reasonable prices and offer massive advantages over other names. For a more promising and productive farming venture, Massey Ferguson’s new model tractor, MAI 240 2WD is the best budget deal. For more information about its specifications, prices, features, and instrumentation, stick to this guide till the end.

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How MAI 240 2WD Tractor is Peculiar in its Specifications and Performance? What makes the Vehicle Stand Out?

MAI 240 2WD tractor is a budget-friendly machine that captivates farmers all across the world for its perfect value for money. Its engine provides 50 hp at 2250 rpm and generates a torque of 44 hp at 1350 rpm. The PTO HP-rated engine speed is 44 hp. MAI 240 engine is Perkins AD 3.152 which operates with diesel and comes with direct injection and 3 cylinders. Its bore and stroke diameters are also fair in size. They read u to 91.44 mm and 127.0 mm. The overall capacity of the engine is 16.5:1 coupled with a thermostat starting aid. Massey Ferguson 240 for sale in Libya can be ordered easily at Malik Agro Industries.


MAI 240 electrics need a 12 V negative earth, 96 amp battery, 32 amp alternator, and 45 amp starter to run smoothly. Its clutch is a dual live PTO type whose diameter is 254 mm x 305 mm. A thermostat starting aid is accompanied by a water cooling system, an over-bonnet air pre-cleaner, and an oil bath air cleaner. Massey Ferguson tractor weight is satisfactory to allow lifting heavy objects and running through rough soils.


Massey Ferguson industrial tractor comprises 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears meant to provide a smooth flowy transmission. MAI 240 brakes are oil board drum brakes either independent or locked together. Their dimensions are 355 mm x 50 mm. Its fuel tank capacity is enormous reading up to 52 liters with an engine sump of 6.8 liters, and hydraulics of 32 liters. The steering box is also provided 0.9-liter storage space. To keep the engine cool for supporting long arduous hours, 10.2-liter space is reserved. If you aim to purchase Massey tractor new model, visit our official website to know more about our extensive range of farming vehicles.


Agriculture Sector in Libya

In Libya, agriculture is considered the second-largest contributor to the economy. Yet the country is dependent on food imports to meet local needs. The country’s agricultural production is sufficient to fulfill only 25 percent of the local needs. This is because of Libya’s poor soil and climatic conditions that limit its farm output and render the country rely on foreign foods. At the same time, expanding population growth is resulting in increased food demands. Libya has low rainfall statistics and thus tends to channel its agriculture sector solely on underground water resources. Scarce water availability, low rainfall, and poor soil conditions combine to reduce farm output and make the country depend on foreign exports.


Major Food Crops of Libya

2018 statistics reveal that the major food crops in Libya are potato, watermelon, tomato, onion, olive, wheat, date, barley, orange, plum, and vegetables. In addition, the country also produces other agricultural products and cash crops. Among all these commodities, potatoes had the richest output counting up to 348 thousand tons. If the country succeeds in overcoming its shortcomings in terms of policy-making and addressing weather and climate issues, this output value can increase manifolds. If you are looking for a tractor for sale by an owner in Libya, we can help. At Malik Agro Industries, we have an extensive range of farming vehicles to offer worldwide.

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Business Opportunities in Libya’s Agriculture

In this segment, we want to explore business opportunities in the agriculture sector of Libya. Is there any potential for companies to sell their agricultural vehicles and products in Libya? What growth statistics are predictable for foreigners trying to invest in Libya’s farming sector? As we know, the country is struggling with agricultural output and looking for innovative ways that ensure a rise in growth. In this pursuit, mechanization of the field can be a very mindful method. No matter what, the country needs to pay immediate attention to soil and weather management. Here, the provision of modern farming can do wonders.


Farmers can deploy innovative agriculture equipment to overcome soil issues, fasten their growth, and increase overall output. In this regard, the company farmers rely on to purchase their vehicles also matters. They need a trustworthy name to put their faith in and grab a heavy-duty machine. To such farmers, we introduce Malik Agro Industries, a worldwide supplier of agricultural machines and farm implements. No matter where you live in the world, our farm implements and tractors are just one step away from you. Get in touch with our team to purchase MAI 240 2WD tractor in Libya.


Why Malik Agro Industries and not any other Brand?

Malik Agro Industries is a name known worldwide for its innovative and astute farming vehicles. Through this company, our vision is to ensure a flourishing agriculture sector worldwide. Using modern implements and tractors, farmers can save time, relieve unnecessary burdens, and expand farming yield. Our vehicles are a promising way for farmers to gain financial fulfillment. Obviously, they do not have to stick to farming activities day and night. They do not need to shed sweat and blood to raise crops and harvest them. They can perform all these duties smartly with our agricultural machines. To order one such sturdy, high-duty, and time-saving vehicle, visit our official website now.



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