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mai 240 2wd tractor

MAI 240 2WD Tractor in Libya:

Malik Agro Industries prepares and offers MAI 240 2WD tractors at a reasonable cost. This distinctive machine is in high demand by progressive farmers. Our company supplies a dozen tractor models in all parts of the world, but the Massey tractor new model 240 is the most famous unit. It has efficient performance and dependable cost. Farmers from Libya, Africa, Australia, Asia, and Europe have a massive demand for this vehicle. 

It is the most trustworthy tractor. Farmers can use this for various purposes. This Massey Ferguson 240 for sale in Libya gives us low fuel consumption and high power efficiency. It utilizes a Perkins diesel-type engine which produces impressive torque. Further, we provide standard and additional attachments to make this unit more competent. 


massey ferguson 240 for sale in Libya 

We are the Best Supplier of MAI 240 2WD Tractors. 

Tractors are essential and valuable machines mainly used in agriculture, mining, and construction. They are required to operate at slow speed and high power. Massey Ferguson is an old and highly reliable name in the agricultural market. It manufactures sturdy tractors and other farm implements used worldwide. One of their brilliant products is MAI 240 2WD Tractor which lies in the 200 series.  

 Massey tractors are durable and easy to maintain. Some units are taller than others, while others have amazing weight dimensions to optimize stability. Massey Ferguson tractor weight is also essential to help drag heavy objects. You can check out our rich catalog. We offer different vehicles with varying prices and features. Stick on to read the detailed specifications of the MAI 240 2WD tractor. 


MAI 240 2WD Tractor Power, Performance, and Instrumentation 

MAI 240 engine is Perkins / AD 3.152 diesel type, which comes with 3 cylinders. It delivers a compression ratio of 16.5:1 with a 2.5 liter storage capacity. Dimensions of this engine enlist a 91.4 mm bore diameter and 127.0 mm stroke diameter. Massey Ferguson tractors for sale in Libya has extensive water cooling system, oil bath air cleaner, and over-bonnet 12V air pre-cleaner. 

 Its engine generates 50 HP at 2250 RPM, a maximum torque value generates 44 HP at 1350 RPM, and a 39 HP PTO engine speed at 540 RPM. Electric circuitry is also competent in Massey Ferguson industrial tractor. It works at 96 amp voltage, 32 amp battery, and 45 amp dual alternator. The starter is live PTO with a diameter of 254 x 305 mm. 


What else Do you get with MAI 240 2WD Tractor in Libya? 

695 kg Front Axle, 945 kg Rear Axle, total weight 1640 kg 

552 liters fuel tank capacity, 6.8 liters engine sump capacity, and 32 liters of hydraulics space 

10.2 liters engine cooling capacity 

8 forward and 2 reverse gears for solid command 

Oil-based drum brakes operating independently 

MAI 240 brakes dimensions 355 mm x 50 mm 

Comprehensive instrumentation that comes with standard fitting 

Comfortable spring suspension seat 

Flat vendors with operating handle and lights 

Hand and foot accelerator 

A wide range of optional equipment 

Fiberglass sun canopy with frames 

Range of farm implements 

PTO pulley 

If you are a progressive farmer living in Libya, the tractor price in Libya is not very high. You can get one at an affordable price from Malik Agro Industries. 

massey ferguson tractors for sale in libya 

Agriculture Sector in Libya 

Agriculture is the second largest sector to contribute to Libya’s economy. Since the 1970s, Libya has invested 30 percent of its finances in agriculture. These efforts resulted in limited success, and the country is still pursuing ways to expand it. Its cultivation and harvesting of staple foods are not enough to meet domestic needs. Therefore, the country has remained largely dependent on massive cereal imports. Libya imports staple foods to fulfill 75% of its annual requirements. The agriculture sector’s contribution to creating employment opportunities is also relatively smaller. Only 17 percent of the total labor force is associated with farming. Are you looking for a tractor for sale by owner? Keep on reading. 


These growth impediments can be linked to various barriers. The main problem lies in limited arable land. Approximately up to 1.7 percent of the total land is suitable for cultivation. Farmers also overuse fertilizers to get maximum yield from this minor land segment which is again inappropriate. 80% of the total agricultural yield constitutes fruits and vegetables such as almonds, dates, grapes, watermelon, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and olives. In a parallel world, wheat and barley have very limited production. Are you looking for tractors for sale in Libya? Visit Malik Agro Industries. 


Now the country is trying to integrate modern farming machinery and practices with its agricultural sector on a broader scale. It will improve land efficiency and land productivity. We hope the multi-layer policies of Libya’s government will help this sector rise and expand staple food production. In this regard, our top-notch vehicles can be a good initiative. The Massey Ferguson prices for all models are reasonable. You might like MAI 240 2WD tractor the most for your land. 


Why choose Malik Agro Industries to buy MAI 240 2WD Tractor in Libya? 

Finding tractors, spare parts, and agricultural implements for your farming field? Do not feel confused by multiple brands offering agricultural vehicles. Contact now Malik Agro Industries for a rich catalog. We are a trusted name in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of farm machinery. The machines offered by Malik Agro Industries are cost-effective, easily operational, and assure top-class reliability. Our main office is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Our company provides products throughout the globe. However, our export focus mainly revolves around Yemen, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Panama. 

Our developers assure top-class instrumentation with minimum bearable maintenance costs. Its innovative agricultural implements and machinery help farmers relieve loads of time and effort and speed up growth opportunities. Our machinery can be regarded as a new channel of financial fulfillment for farmers. Countries tend to include agricultural policies to assist farmers in expanding their farming potential. That is possible only with the resourceful and sturdy machine by Malik Agro Industries, which delivers massive benefits. 

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