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Tractor Trolly in Pakistan

Hydraulic Trolley With Latest Technology Support At Malik Argo Industries

Specifications of Hydraulic Trolley

Easy and secure operation – hydraulic Trolley and roller transporters are typified by the best transport of large-volume and weighty loads. At the similar time, they contain a low weight. The Hydro-transporter is greatly more compacted and maneuverable than, for instance, a forklift, and can be used more expediently in each day operations. The trolleys perform work with three-phase energy; besides, we intend also trolleys with lifting hydraulic trolley cylinder. Owing to our gigantic industry familiarity and expertise, we are offering Hydraulic Lifting Trolley to our clients. Hydraulic Lifting Trolley is renowned for its numerous exceptional features such as exact extents, durability, and exceptional quality. Furthermore this product has got admirable market demand and we are offering this at an appropriate price.

The Self-propelled trolley has a huge load faculty from 30 to 200 Tons and a very stumpy height (260 mm up to 450 mm), with the leeway of making absolute turns of 360º designed to put them under any sort of constituent and dislodgment, you can as well use models with hydraulic lifting cylinder to freight in cars or racks. Moreover they consist of two parts: a tractor and rear trucks that execute a task similar to that of the rear axle of a truck. Moreover Malik Argo industries have an extensive assortment of hydraulic trolley, and self-propelled trolley to resolve all the requirements of the displacement of heavy loads. While we can divide them into 2 fundamental types: electric and hydraulic.

Features of Hydraulic Trolley:

  • Simple to load and unload
  • Fuel well-organized engine
  • Accurately engineered

Types Of Trolley

There are lots of dissimilar types of trolley obtainable here at Malik Argo industries. The right trolley for you will depend on several unusual factors, most prominently:

  • The load you are transporting
  • The environment throughout which you’re moving it

Self Propelled Trolley Main Features

  • Great maneuverability in diminutive spaces.
  • Appropriate for rough, dusty, and patchy surfaces.
  • Remote control integrated. Easy and spontaneous to drive.
  • Abridged and monetary upholding.

Platform Trolleys

If you require a realistic and adaptable load-moving solution, our Platform Trolley assortment is certain to ensemble your requirements! Our array of platform trolleys comprises trolleys that possess frivolous and serviceable designs, with weight limits ranging from 150kg to 1850kg. Moreover our series of platform trolleys has an intention to suit almost any surroundings or claims.

Our Platform Trolley range includes

  1. Folding Platform Trolley Designs – For low-duty applications and trouble-free storage.
  2. Platform Trolleys With Pneumatic Tyres –For utilize outdoors and on even ground.
  3. Heavy-Duty Platform Trolley Types –For maneuverable, long-lasting transportation.

We Malik Argo industries are a well-known company that is engaged in manufacturing a broad assortment of Animal Transport Container. Garbage Tipper, Hydraulic Platform Elevator, Dumper Placer, Auto Tipper, Refuse Collector, Sewer Jetting Cum Suction Machine, Sewer Cleaning Machine, Sky Lift, etc. We include an ample and well practical infrastructural entity and help us in manufacturing a wide range of products as per the worldwide set standards.

What types of platform trolley are there?

Our essential platform trolleys are tremendously practical and idyllic for a vast range of applications. However, if you are dealing with precise supplies or confines, you may locate it helpful to buy or sign up an expert platform trolley with supplementary features.

For example, our nesting platform trolleys are perfect for premises where storage space is at a premium. The hinged platform makes it easy to nest several trolleys together, so less space is required when putting them away.

If you’re functioning outdoors, our flatbed garden trolley is an enormous choice to the standard platform trolley products (which are enhanced matched to indoor exploit). Furthermore the garden trolley is exclusively designed for outside jobs, with bulky wheels that can consult the delicate terrain of garden centers, building sites, music festivals, etc.

We as well hoard a range of frivolous aluminum trolleys (assorted load capacities accessible). Moreover these trolleys can be folded flat, over decreasing the quantity of space desirable to accumulate them.

Hydraulic Trolley Jacks

Trolley jacks are most frequently seen in garages, where they are used to lift vehicles and added large mechanical substances. Moreover the heavyweight hydraulic trolleys that we sell can be used for a multiplicity of purposes, which comprise:

  • Car preservation and mend (domestic and commercial)
  • Motorsport (e.g. F1 pits)
  • Factories
  • Mechanic garages

The comfortable wheeled design of our hydraulic trolley jacks makes it straightforward to contrive in and out of position, as long as far-fetched usability. To offer peace of mind to our clients, all of our floor jacks are as well experienced and licensed to guarantee security, dependability, and durability.


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