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Disc Plough in Africa

Disc plough and its uses

Disc plough and its uses

The disc plough is intended to exertion in all types of soil for functions such as soil contravention, soil raising, soil revolving, and soil amalgamation. While It is used to unfasten the fresh fields and to procedure the stony areas. Moreover It can be used straightforwardly in stony and rooted areas. While It is particularly practical in hard and dry tacky land circumstances and in soils where scouring is the major dilemma.  While It is being formed with 2-3-4 and 5 bottoms with an alternative for additional kit for furrow accumulation. Moreover It is openly mounted to the tractor. Extra hard wearing pipe frame has lofty trash authorization allowing the plough to work even with heavy crop residue.

Lots of years of know-how, Malik Argo Industries has been causative to agricultural development by providing modern implements at the most inexpensive prices. With our chase to excellence in all the orb of the business, we have made a strapping occurrence in domestic as well as abroad markets. Moreover our state-of-the-art built-up unit is equipped with superior machinery competent in executing bulk orders with precision. While we utilize the best quality of raw material and sustainable manufacturing designs for mechanized new implements of worldwide standards.


  • 20-30 % fuel economy in comparison with mouldboard ploughs.
  • Standard 660 mm or 710 mm optional discs made from Boron Steel with special concavity.
  • 5 level disc penetration angle and 3 level disc position adjustment (for DIP).
  • Excellent solution for Rooty, sticky, or abrasive soil.
  • Flanged frame to add an extension, if required (for DIP).
  • Adjustable and replaceable scrapers not only for cleaning also for overturning.
  • Heavy-duty rear furrow wheel from hardened steel, spring-loaded, full adjustable vertically and laterally, with additional cast weightings.
  • Steel Bearing housings to assure trouble-free long operation life (for DIP).
  • Adjustment arm for best tractor-plow alignment (for DIP).

Features of Disc plough

  • 2 to 5 fixed plain discs
  • 26’’ (660 mm) or 28’’ (710 mm) discs
  • Personage or joint cutting angle regulation of the discs
  • Adjustable disc angle for soil penetration
  • Furrow wheel modifiable in tallness and angular location
  • Height adjustable independent disc scrapers
  • Support stand for attachment
  • Adjustable discs and furrow wheel
  • High under beam clearance
  • Simple and speedy add-on to all rear linkages
  • Disc scrapers as standard

Types of different disc plow which we provide to you

Our gigantic industry understanding and know-how in this domain make us competent in providing customers with an upgraded variety of Disc Ploughs. Furthermore Designed and residential to plough tough soil surroundings, these well-organized ploughs have become the most favored choice of farmers athwart the globe. Moreover these disc ploughs are respected for their decay & abrasion fight and long practical life

We are occupied in developed, supplying, and exporting a premium quality assortment of Agricultural Equipments and Ploughs. In our creation range, we present ), Land Levellers, Water Tankers, Chaff Cutter Machine, Mouldboard Plough, Automatic Disc Plough, Disc Plough (2/3f Discs, Electric Chaff Cutter Machine, Multi Crop Thresher, and Post Hole Digger, among others. The high-quality range of agricultural machines and equipment made accessible by us are recognized in the market for quality attributes such as tranquil operation, powerful construction, corrosion confrontation, and low preservation. Our products discover wide applications in the agricultural division and farming training centers.

Tubular Frame Mounted Disc Plough

  • The FARM KING MOUNTED DISC PLOUGH is intended to work in all types of soil for essential functions such as soil breaking, soil raising, soil turning, and soil mixing.
  • It is used to release the new fields and to develop the stony areas.
  • Moreover It can be used without difficulty in rocky and rooted areas.
  • It is more than ever functional in hard and dry worthless land conditions and in soils where scouring is a most important predicament.
  • In traditionalism with the soil conditions, it is being fashioned with 2-3-4-5 and 6 Disc (Bottom) edition with an option for superfluous kit for converting it to added disc plough.
  • It is unswervingly mounted to the tractors.
  • The extra long-lasting flawless tubing frame has far above the ground trash clearance allowing the plough to maneuver under heavy crop residue.

Malik Argo Industries offers a complete series of computerization solutions from land preparation to post-harvest, which addresses every farmer’s obligation to bring the most excellent at every stage of the farm operation. Moreover these implements have been intended to execute best with our variety of technically highly developed tractors.

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