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Agricultural implements price in Pakistan

We are supplier and manufacturer of agriculture implements in Pakistan with the latest price

Agricultural implements price in Pakistan

Farm Implements, an extension of the functional features you require providing with your tractor to assist with farming. While using agricultural tools or tractor implements you can speed up the farming practices and add to the procedure of ploughing, planting, cultivating, and harvesting. There are numerous farming implements like disc plough, Farm Trailer, Trolley, harrow, Mould board plough, bed shape Planter, Seed Drill, Boom sprayer, Jib Crane Ridger, etc. Malik Argo Industries is one of the leading suppliers of high-class agricultural apparatus in South Africa, Pakistan, and all over the world. To have additional information concerning farm implements and additional essential equipment for the tractor, please call us.

The most common and useful implements with their price

Mould Board Plough:

The soil needs to be turned before it can be used for mounting crops in areas where the soil is less productive. The mouldboard plough, also recognized as turn plough, is a vital tool that not only cuts furrows with a cutting blade but as well turns the soil so that nutrients can be brought to the facade. It significantly reduces the amount of time required to plant a field. And thus allows farmers to work on a superior area of land. The mouldboard is intended to cut down the soil and turn it. So that the adverse expansion of weeds, trash, and crop remainder are all hidden.

  • The price of Mould Board Plough in Pakistan is 45000.
Farm Trailer Implements:

Farm trailer is an unpowered vehicle towed by a motorized vehicle, like the tractor. The farm trailer has an all-steel body and comes in an assortment of sizes with moving capabilities ranging from 3.5 to 12 tons. It provides trouble-free transportation at a low cost.

  • The price of Farm Trailer in Pakistan is 200000.
Disc Plough Farm Equipment:

Disc Plough farm implement is used and intended for profound ploughing in almost all types of soil. It is of lofty value as it can dig and plough through muggy, rough, stony, and hard soils with alleviate and expediency. It is of enormous support when mixing, raising, and breaking the soil. Moreover it can be simply attached to tractors and the side draft is proscribed by a spring-loaded rear furrow wheel to make it effortless to work and handle by small tractors. Furthermore it is one of the most significant implements to be attached with a tractor and is working for main cultivation.

  • The price of Disc Harrow Farm Implements in Pakistan is 70000.
Chisel Plough Farm Equipment:

Chisel Plough is used for profound tillage to organize land with the least soil disorder. The purpose that is served by it is to undo and expose the soil while leaving following the crop residue. This plough can be used to diminish the effects of compaction and to aid break up layers of hard matter. The chisel does not turn the soil which makes it functional in no-till or low-till agriculture and also prevents soil attrition. The chisel plough runs throughout a depth of 8 to 12 inches; however other models might run deeper.

  • The price of Chisel Plough in Pakistan is 45000.
 Farm Ridger Tractor implements:

Farm Ridger is used to create ridges for the plantation of tobacco, potato, and other vegetables. It is adaptable so that the accurate ridge profile and soil flow are retained. Crops sown in rows can furthermore be used for earthling up the crops. The farm ridger provides malleability and expediency in ridging spacing, elevation, rows, and angles. It is well-suited with tractors of diverse horsepowers.

  • The price of farm ridger in Pakistan is 60,556
Hydraulic Tripping Trailer:

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer comes in handy whenever the haulage of heavy loads is to be conceded out. These particular trailers are able of receiving tough jobs done effortlessly on the farm or field. They can serve a range of purposes and are model for usage sand, dirt, gravel, or any other kind of movable material. The hydraulic tipping trailer makes receipt easy as they minimally remove load by tipping up and save theharras of shifting the material by hand.

The price of 15- 18 ton Hydraulic Tipping Trailer in Pakistan is 6 to 7 lacks.



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