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Water Bowsers

Acquire Water Bowser From Malik Argo Industries With Excellent Capacity

Water Bowser

Agricultural water bowser are used to move water for crop irrigation in farming lands that are positioned in regions with inadequate rainfall, and which are controlled from the water supply. The mobility of water bowsers allows farmers to go water where and when they require arises. They are extremely beneficial to agriculturists as they can easily access hard to reach locations. Such as in flanked by planted crops. The faculty of water bowsers commonly range from 1000 to 10,000 L and are intended to be sturdy and meet global standards of creation. The presence of a hefty variety of water bowsers on the market assists farmers in choosing water bowsers of the suitable size for their planned applications. However, in all obtainable agricultural water bowsers, there are “idle spaces” between the bottom of the tank and the axle.

This research aims to intend a tractor site-towable water bowser with enhanced competence by exploiting these “unused spaces”. Numerous factors should be in use into deliberation during the expansion of the bowser such as the elevation of the center of gravity, which causes limitations in design, and the sample of the tank, which plays a significant role in structural potency and firmness.

Water bowsers

Standard Features

  • Commercial axles
  • Heavy-duty 100 mm wide suspension
  • 385/65 R22.5 10 stud remould tyres
  • 2x extra-long three” hoses with Snaplock couplings
  • Stainless steel storage rack for hoses on both sides
  • Sight gauge
  • Wheels covered by plastic mudguard
  • on 3” (75 mm) outlets 1000 L/min pump
  • Stainless steel side lockers and rear locker traits exertion lights and interior light
  • Front platform to carry standard IBC container

Our broad range of water bowsers;

Malik Argo Industries is a corporation that is accountable for the upholding of shrubs, parade grounds, and flower borders all through all the Royal Parks in Pakistan and South Africa. Water lack and the mounting rate of water usage is something that is a confront for the squad at Malik Argo Industries.  We placed an order for 3 MAJOR 1150 Gallon Water Bowsers. These customized bowsers were every integral with standard splash plates for watering larger open spaces.

We have a broad collection of Water Bowsers to ensemble a diversity of applications. Our Highways Water Bowsers are road lawful and perfect for the transportation and storage of filtered and nonpotable water. Our Site Water Bowsers are used on edifice sites and are each contrived with a tough and hard-wearing framework. We also stock Pressure Plant Watering Bowsers, Dust Suppression Bowsers, Washer Bowsers,  and Static Bowsers. Our array of Water Bowsers is wonderful for use as transportable water tanks and emergency water tanks for loads of applications counting drinking water.

Water Bowsers & Fuel Bowser

Our bonded fuel bowsers utilize an inimitable original design to get rid of the risk of contagion to the environment by spillages. All the products in this series consist of two shells that pretend from 3mm mild steel to offer you with the total calm of mind. They will encompass a 2″ BSP filter as customary, 1 3/4″ BSP air-vent and two 3/4″ or 1″ BSP outlets – one at the front and one at the rear.

The Livestock Bowser

This Bowser is used when you require getting water to your livestock. But there is no water provided close at hand. You just fill the Bowser and depart it in the preferred location. The water is enormity fed into the furrow through an easy ballcock mechanism. Which means that you can flee the Bowser unattended awaiting it runs out of water. A larger Bowser is obtainable for cows and horses. Of course, we still produce our customary mild steel spur water bowsers. The galvanized bowsers area obtainable in either an 1100 Litre or 2200 Litre, site, or highway model. While we can produce any size steel tank to ensemble your stipulations.

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