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Truck Water Tanker

Small or medium-sized tanker vehicles with a tank for carrying water are known as truck water tanker. Following are the primary uses for them.

  • transporting potable water to rural houses for delivery
  • carrying water to spray for industrial purposes including dust control, road compaction, or agricultural application.
  • carrying water to fight fires, guard against crowds, or both
  • Commercial water trucks can be equipped with a variety of water distribution tools, such as sprayers, hoses, cannons, and dribble bars (a wide bar with numerous holes that produces a curtain of water helpful for covering areas like sandy highways or racetracks for dust control).


What Is The Use Of A truck water tanker?

Water is pumped into the water tanker from a source, such as a well or a reverse osmosis system. Water is added to the tank until it is fully filled. The storage truck water tanker offers easy access to water when you need it, whether you need to run a wash or wet a field or fill a glass with clean water.Until a home or company needs it, clean water from your reverse osmosis system is held in a truck water tanker. A source, such as a well or a reverse osmosis system, pumps water into the tank. The tank fills up as water accumulates inside it


Water bowser  15000 ltr 25000 ltr 
Main hole 18*2 18*2
Sheet thickness 4mm 4mm
Vehicle 16ft 20ft
Buffle plate 2pc 2pc
Chassis channel with 6mm 6mm
Spray gun include include
Mudguard include include
Pipe roll 100ft+20fts 100ft+20fts
Paint Anti rust Anti rust


Construction site:

Specialized vehicles with water bowser truck at the back for conveying water and controlled spray nozzles for spreading it are often employed in a range of industries, including civil construction, mining, farming, and firefighting. You can see how bringing a water tanker to your company might genuinely enhance operations by reading about some of these uses below. Numerous applications can be made of the benefits they provide by transporting and distributing both potable and recycled water. Reach out to us for water tanker for sale abd also ,used water tanker for sale.

Truck-mounted static water bowsers

are used for site welfare blocks to store clean water for uses like toilet flushing, hand washing, and showers. Water is utilised not just on building sites but also in the production of concrete and tests for soakaway and percolation. In order to maintain the smooth functioning of the concrete production, large volumes of water are typically held in 10,000, 20,000, and 30,000-liter header tanks at concrete batching facilities. A key element in preventing mud pollution from the site from reaching the public highway is the use of water as ballast when burying tanks beneath when building concrete. For the best water bowser truck for sale, visit our website.


During the severe drought that ravaged the Midwest and West Coast of the United States, the agriculture industry began to use truck-mounted water bowsers. When the rains stop, these vehicles provide recycled water to the damaged farmlands, allowing irrigation and protecting cattle and crops.

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To obstruct development:

 To effectively tamp down dust, truck-mounted water bowsers with 2,000–4,000 gallon tanks are used after grading equipment levels and readys the soil for work. If it weren’t for water trucks with 2,000-4,000 gallon tanks that efficiently tamp down the dust by trailing equipment that levels and prepares soil for operations, the amount of dust produced at construction and mining sites would hinder progress. Visit our website for a water tanker truck for sale at Malik Agro Industries.

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