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What Size of Tractor do you Need?We provide MF tractors in Senegal

MF tractors in Senegal:

While tractor selection, one must distinguish what size of the tractor he wants. If you have a similar query, then you are in the right place. Also, In Pakistan, we have a part number of tractor brands. In Fact, Only a couple of them is manufacturing here. However, Below is the easy step-by-step tractor segment guide for your better considerate. We are digging clients’ trust and development by manufacturing, designing, marketing particular and good products like the brand-new MF tractors in Senegal.

What Size of Tractor do you Need?

Its power rating in horsepower recognises the size of the tractor. There are dissimilar types of a tractor with deference to the nature of the job. Manufacturers give apiece tractor a power rating. This assessment stated as the all-out rated horsepower developed at the flywheel or power take of the shaft (PTO) and the drawbar. The tractor’s size is selected based on the power obligation of the appliance going to be pulled or functioned.

Machine power necessities are unswervingly related to the number of acres per hour desirable to get the job done on time. When choosing a tractor only for drawbar work and light PTO work, power should competition the determined drawbar horsepower requirements. The machines needful the most excellent drawbar power is the moldboard plough, chisel plough, and subsoiler. The fodder harvester frequently used to regulate the maximum PTO power supplies.

MF Tractors Warranty Policy:

Tractors warranty claim 2021 particulars have temporarily clarified here. Moreover, If there comes any fault or imperfection in the tractor, the company is accountable to solve the issue within the assumed warranty period. Defect in the tractor may happen due to poor manufacturing or inferior material quality. Sometimes factor fitment is not made precise by manual labour, which may cause any impairment while working in the field.

Warranty Terms & Conditions:

Below cited are the terms and conditions of a tractor warranty claim.

  • The tractor running only in Pakistan will become the warranty claim.
  • Parts made of plastic, rubber, glass, and attitudes not interested in a warranty claim.
  • Damage or loss that occurred due to an unfortunate accidental case not measured for warranty.
  • If the first purchaser has sold the tractor to another person, he will get a warranty from the company’s date of statement or delivery.
  • Warranty claim of Fuel injection pump (FIP) and injectors (atomisers) is allowable if a defect occurs within the early 30 hours.
  • The warranty claim will amuse through the anxious battery dealer within six months of battery manufacturing or tractor invoice date.
  • Tractor tyre guarantee is equal to 12 months or 1200 hours running of the tractor. The concerned tyre company specifies the claim.

Warranty Claim Procedure:

Your tractor should be underneath warranty. If any fault occurs in the tractor, then directly notify your nearest corporation dealer. Also, Notify him about your tractor model, chassis number, invoice number, engine number, and delivery date. You better go to the dealership and tractor credentials and clarify the fault that happened in the tractor.

To get a warranty claim, it restored to go to that dealership from the acquired tractor. If it out of the area, you can go to any adjacent dealer. It is significant to take the tractor’s service record/warranty booklet with you, which aids the dealer to increase a warranty claim and enter the faulty parts. Also, To provide fast after-sales service, the company has kept some spare parts at dealerships. Although, If a defective component is obtainable at the dealership, you will get the warranty claim at the spot.

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