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MF tractors in Nigeria

All Categories of MF Tractors in Nigeria Are Available at Malik Agro Industries

MF tractors in Nigeria

To thrive in this business, you need to take a passion for farming and its value and a desire for accomplishment. It is vital to found a steady relationship. Also, uphold a good communication with your partners, MF Tractors in Nigeria farm machine dealers or customers, to run a business professionally.

Be open to letting and leasing options for your farm equipment, as it will give farmers informal access to farm equipment due to monetary constraints faced by farmers and MF Tractors in Nigeria, and your corporation will continue to work and will soon start making good proceeds. Which will eventually result in your predictable return on investment.

Massey Ferguson, a diverse brand of Malik Argo industries, has exposed an innovative array of 50hp-85hp tractors for elected African and Middle East markets. The most informed move will be supplementary make stronger its manufactured goods obtainable in the lower horsepower tractor sector in these lands and put forward a broader choice to farmers observing for a burly and steadfast all-around engine. What’s more, to set off with these new MF 300 Series tractors, an innovative lineup of Massey Ferguson-branded equipment opens to the rudiments for the locality.


Each business has its risk, in the farm machinery business. The main jeopardies connected to transport and the acquaintance of the industry.

The transport of great vehicles and apparatus has a higher risk allied with them due to the appropriate delivery of the goods needed and how safe the apparatus will be in transportation and how loading and unloading are held, to stop such situations, start a trust-based relationship with your logistics partners to ensure the care and appropriate delivery of your farm machinery.

The information about the farm machinery sale business in Nigeria has its greatest importance because. Without information, one can’t go forward to have an efficacious business. Always go through all the instructions and rules and carry out in-depth research with experts before starting this business to have an improved understanding and better chances of achievement in your business.

MF tractors in Nigeria Types of Seed Drills:

There are two types of seed drills obtainable, which are as itemized below: –  

  • Bullock Drawn Drills
  • Tractor Drawn Drills

MF tractors in Nigeria Components of A Seed Drill:

The farm machine originates with countless components, making it one of the most dependable and robust machines accomplishments seeding operations.

Following are the major gears of a seed drill. 
  • Frame 

The frame is the main module of a seed. Drill made with slant iron with appropriate brackets and braces. Moreover, The frame is a considerable constituent of a seed drill machine to grip all loads in the working field.

  • Seedbox 

Seedbox is a small campaigner that comes to struggle with the blockage of seeds. Although, It comes with a mild steel sheet or spurred iron with an appropriate cover.

  • Driller 

Driller is the piercing end that drills the holes for sowing seeds.

  • Furrow openers 

Furrow openers used to expose the furrow’s earlier seeding.

  • Covering device 

It is used to top-up a furrow after the seed position in it. Although, The seed is enclosed by drag, rollers, chains, press wheels, intended in numerous sizes and shapes.

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