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MF 385 2wd Tractor MF 385 Features, Specifications are given below

MF 385 2wd Tractor

Massey Ferguson 385 2WD tractor has preserved its upright repute in the market. In addition, this MF 385 2wd has the most energetic engine with the complete capacity to achieve the task effortlessly and competently. Also, this tractor is obtainable at a low price in the market. It also decreases the smoke due to its adaptable capacity. It can also rise the yield with more efficiency and can also develop a source of a high margin of profit.

MF 385 2wd And Our main agricultural implements:

Our main agricultural implements/equipment are; Massey Ferguson compatible Disc Plough, Offset Disc Harrow, Post Hole Digger, Border Disc, Mould Board Plough, Mounted Tine Tiller, Hydraulic Front Blades, Water Tanker, Seed Drill, Planter, Ridger, wheat Straw, Chopper Blower, MB Plough, Cultivator, Straw Bailer, Farm Trolley, Animal Feed Mixer, Hydraulic Front End Loaders, Hydraulic Tipping Trolleys, Rice Thresher, Wheat Thresher, Sun Flower Thresher, Sugarcane crusher, Rotavator, Wheat Reaper, Cultivator, Rear Blade, Paddy Thresher, Lawn Mower, Chaff Cutter, Fodder Cutter, Maize Sheller,  Feed Grinder Etc.

About Us:

Malik Agro Industries is one of the most established and the most trustworthy Massey Ferguson Tractors Supplier and Agricultural Machinery/Equipment Manufacturer Company in Pakistan and South Africa. At whatever point you are daring to locate the best blend in value, economy, elevated requirement of the value, and handiness in purchasing new Tractors and Equipment or utilized Machinery, Malik Agro Industries gets a top spot as the most practical and solid market.

You are welcome to peruse our online stock rundown arranged on the most recent information of accessible Massey Ferguson Tractors, Agric Equipment’s, and Second-Hand Machinery to allure you to seek after a conceivably compensating business union with our organization through this little exertion. If it’s not too much trouble, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at your most punctual accommodation. For extra data, you can reach us by email or Phone/Fax. We anticipate the chance of going into a rewarding agreement that can be commonly advantageous. We additionally suggest you see our Terms and conditions before buying a Tractor or apparatus.

Areas we cover:

Exporting around the world including destinations such as Australia, SriLankan, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Barbados

Tractors have become an essential part of a farmer’s routine as this authoritative machine helps perform the main farm functions that were formerly performed manually. With developments in technology, tractor accessories have also expanded admiration in the farming industry. With high demand and diminutive time, it becomes essential for the farmers to use the best farm apparatus to manage efficiency professionally.

Technological growth in agricultural machinery:

From early times, farmers used to crop the grains by hand, the supernumerary for electric power used to be some domesticated animal, and so on. With the advance in technology, agricultural tools became well-known for making the procedure simple and saving farmers’ prized time, money, and energy.

Agri implements use to make the agricultural procedure smoother and improve the efficiency and the production of the crops. These farm tools and tackle make farming wieldier and more suitable. Some examples of farm implements are plow, rotavator harrow, trailer, etc.

Prominent tractor attachments:

Read more to learn in detail about the tractor implements and their purposes. To make a well-versed decision before buying these accessories.

  • Tractor loader

This finest farm equipment u Having acquired a remarkable reputation with clients across the world for exporting MF 385 2wd Tractor at the most economical prices.se to fold undesirable material like sand, dirt, or gravel off the ground and move it to an additional place, without dispersion the material on the ground. In addition, Tractor loaders are profitable agriculture tools that are used to accomplish a variety of functions. Also, Like hauling rocks, planting material, etc. Without a virtuous loader, your tractor is certain to lose half of its efficiency. Besides, The Land force mud loader is an outstanding piece of equipment. Although, that is used for post-harvest functions, ensuring better farm yield.

  • cultivator

This is one of the desirable agricultural tools. This primarily uses in secondary tillage, i.e., to decrease the soil in fine subdivisions by disturbing it in cautious patterns, killing weeds. The Appropriately socializing fertilizer or compost in the soil. However, active cultivators use for main tillage on light soils. Cultivators with choppers use for the well-organized removal of unwanted plants. These differ in size and shape, so you may contest them with your tractor. A Spring-loaded cultivator is a boundless option. Powered with 40-55 Hp, this apparatus will make your work relaxed and smooth.

  • Harrow

This is one of the vital contributors to the tractor implements list. This use to disintegrate the lumps in the soil and deliver a finer soil structure appropriate for sowing seeds. Harrow disturbs the soil’s whole surface and tail by the rough texture reduced by the plowing operations. There are four rudimentary types of harrows: disc, tine, chain, and chain-disc harrows.

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