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Massey Ferguson 385

Massey Ferguson 385, agricultural supplier in South Africa/ Pakistan

Massey Ferguson 385 in Botswana

Massey Ferguson 385 in Botswana is considered independent of tractor gear. In fact, It is the most primary element for a conclave any tough loadings and worn out. While Our  Engineers have accumulated this machine with lots of inventive and better features.  When we talk about the Massey Ferguson 385 tractor cost. While We hold an erect foundation product in a logical price collection to get facts about Massey Ferguson MF 385 4wd tractor price. But we think you have to pay money for this hard-wearing larger size tractor when and only your supplies are peak to the activities, or you also encompass other options in Massey Ferguson tractors. Assessment of this place will notify you regarding how leading an apparatus is and how you can set aside your order to purchase it.


  • Fuel tank 105L
  • Engine sump 7.5L
  • Cooling system 15.2L
  • Hydraulic system 42L
  • Power steering reservoir 2L
  • Oil bath air-cleaner 0.7L
  • Brake Oil 0.25L
  • 4WD front axle differential 5.6L
  • Hub each side 1


Anybody who needs to acquire Massey Ferguson MF 385 4wd tractor has to keep through Malik Agro Industries. Booking complete after putting full compensation in the company’s description. After securing the corporation delivers this tractor in 2 to 3 months. One year or 1200 hours statement of all parts is reachable by the company.

How are we different?

A Malik Agro-industry is one of the oldest and reliable vehicle companies in South Africa and Pakistan. The auto parts and engines obtainable in our complete stock can bring in and provide auto parts and engines on order. Customers can employ our auto parts uncertainty form to place their backorders. We concord in used and new-fangled farming equipment in accumulation to used vehicles, cast-off engines, and auto parts. Our assortment of agricultural creations covers various agricultural tractors of brands like Massey Ferguson, John Deer FIAT, Kubota, and all well-liked equipment used with these tractors.

Most of our tractors stockpile includes Massey Ferguson MF 385 4wd tractor arrays from 24 hp to 115 hp. Also, We have ready the gathering of equally used and new tractors and tools. At the same time, We clutch huge stock trappings which usually use in all kinds of farming.  We also at hand fastidious After Sales service to its shared customers and ambassadors. Further, in turn, is obtainable on our Services Page. For more particulars about our supplies and services, please do not be indistinct to call us our specific numbers accessible on this web site.

MF 385 4WD Tractor Booking aspect, Price, & delivery:

In the four-wheel-drive tractor type, Malik Agro industries are developed Massey Ferguson MF 385 4wd tractor in Pakistan and South   Africa. This tractor accepts amongst its category. Massey Ferguson MF 385 4wd tractor is an 85 horsepower tractor deliberately used by progressive farmers. The engine of MF385 2WD and Massey Ferguson MF 385 4wd tractor is corresponding apart from the broadcast system in cooperation models that have a similar prerequisite. We will divide the price, requirement, booking, deliverance, and evaluation of this 4WD tractor.

  • Traction 30 %more
  • Drawbar power 16 %more
  • Drawbar pulls 34 %more.
  • Tyre wear 15 %more
  • Fuel efficiency 15 %more
  • Fieldwork speed 13-20 %more

Maximum engine power @ 2,200 rpm is 85 horsepower, the highest torque we get hold of is 291 Nm, and at PTO this tractor offers 70HP of power. The engine technology used in this tractor is Perkins/4.41 having 4 cylinders with a solidity ratio of 15.3:1. The cooling of the engine incorporates with the aid out of a cooling water system. The dual-clutch form operational for cerametallic material has a 305x254mm width. 12 volts, 96 Ah sequence, and 45A/2.8Kw alternator (generator) collect in this tractor. MF 385 4WD tractor’s furthermost road swiftness is 28 Km per hour at forwarding 4th famous gear.

The great lifting competence of the hydraulic system with the hold up of lesser links is 2145 KG. If we clear regarding PTO its sort is alive, it gives 540 rpm when engine RPMs are 1789. Also, The 4WD front axle is the same force type, and the listed time is mandatory. Its brakes are oil-immersed multi-disc brakes as well as have a parking disc brake.



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