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Massey Ferguson 240 tractor

Best Massey Ferguson 240 In Kenya With Specs and Details

Best Massey Ferguson 240 in Kenya

Best Massey Ferguson 240 tractors in Kenya has elevated fuel competence, dominant engine. Also, adaptability and is most appropriate for rugged and strapping fields. While MF 240 tractor prices in Kenya are the most cost-effective for their qualities. Suppose you are troubled concerning farming in Kenya .looking for a reduced size tractor. In that case, buying an MF-240 tractor in Kenya will be one of the wisest choices. MF-240 tractor reviews from our pleased Kenyan clients will provide surety to you.

The Massey Ferguson tractors in Kenya are recognised for:

  • Powerful engines: Horsepower rangers from 47-82HP depending on the model
  • Straightforward drivelines
  • Efficient hydraulic systems.

Brand New MF 240 Tractors:

MF 240 Tractors Technical stipulations are identified to be best for agricultural purposes. It’s a 50HP tractor with a main engine of Perkins, AD-3, 1524. its engine swiftness at 540 PTO rpm is 1789 rpm. MF-240 Transmission is of immense potency with 8 forward and 3 reverse gears. It has a dual-clutch to ensure smoother transmission with outboard drum brakes—manual mechanical navigation for hardwearing and better driving control.

MF-240 Hydraulic System functions are Draft Control, Response Control, Position Control, and nonstop Pumping with the utmost oil stream of 16 litres/min, and lifting ability of 1415 kg. The hard-wearing surface connection and resistance come from its facade tire, 6.00-16, and back tire, 12.4/11-28, which are also effective on a slippery road.

How to bring in Massey 240 Tractor from Pakistan to Kenya?

Once you place your question to import MF-240 tractor from Pakistan from Malik Agro Industries by filling inquiry form our sales agent will call you to talk about the order of your MF-240 tractor; accessories and other additional implements with a possible delivery schedule for ports of Mombasa, Kenya with best MF-240 price in Kenya and will help you until you get your MF-240 tractor in Kenya and are satisfied.

Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale:

Malik Agro Industries does not just have New Holland and Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale in Kenya, but the finest quality ISO certified 9001:2015 equipment for Kenya. The manual and time-taking tasks that farmers do similar to seeding, watering, planting, spraying, and so on can effortlessly be done with the tractor and the exact choice of execution for the task. There are many implements obtainable for sale in Kenya such as Disc plough, Disc Harrow, Farm Trailer, Potato planter, potato Digger, and so on to decide from our Malik Agro Industries farm implement list.

If you are looking for the most excellent quality and best price tractor and implements with the 3-week delivery plan to encompass a brand new tractor in the ports of Mombasa Kenya, then look no more than Malik Agro Industries because we are all set to offer you the best services which are just one message away. Malik Agro Industries are delivering tractors with the place of garnishes and implements unswervingly to Kenya. If you require a quote or any additional information, then fill out the form or message us. Our devoted sales team will be ready to help you, and a member of our squad will be in touch.

Catalogue of MF Tractors obtainable in Stocks:

  • Firstly Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD (85Hp)
  • Secondly Massey Ferguson MF 385 2WD (85Hp)
  • Thirdly Massey Ferguson MF 240 2WD (50HP)
  • Fourth Massey Ferguson MF 375 2WD (75Hp)
  • Fifth Massey Ferguson MF 360 2WD (60Hp)
  • Sixth Massey Ferguson MF 350 2WD (50Hp)
  • Seventh Massey Ferguson MF 260 2WD (60Hp)

If you are looking for a Massey-Ferguson 240 for sale in Kenya, you are at the accurate place!

With hundreds of cars obtainable at a spot in time. You can come across a wide variety of Massey-Ferguson 240 on Malik Agro Industries. These cars will be dissimilar in terms of colours, prices, and installed features. Our website is very accessible, which makes the procedure of finding, categorizing. Comparing the prices and features seem so unproblematic. With our exceptional IT and marketing expertise, your vehicle posted on our website will have a high possibility of appearing on top of search consequences in search engines like Google and get possible buyers’ attention.

There are 2 main sources of old Massey-Ferguson 240 for sale in Kenya: Japanese dealers & car owners in Kenya.

  • With Japanese dealers’ stocks, the benefit is the Massey-Ferguson 240 price. Simultaneously, with the local owners’ store, you can like the speedy delivery and expediency. When you purchase a tractor directly from a Japanese dealer, please make certain you recognize all the import regulations. The importing procedure or at least have a specialized mediator to help you.
  • When you buy a Massey-Ferguson 240 for sale in Kenya from a local seller, we advise you to examine the tractor and document it appropriately before disbursement.


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