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New Holland 640-s

New Holland 640-s Tractors Are Now In Your Range-MAI

New Holland 640-s meticulous is an 85 horsepower tractor made by New Holland Malik Argo Industries. New Holland 640 tractor has 2 deviation counting 75HP and this 85HP. Though Malik Argo Industries has a new tractor of an analogous HP which is the NH Dabung 85 model evenly has identical prices. NH 640 Special Tractor by Fiat New Holland is a comprehensive version of NH 640. It has a variety of tremendous traits and features that make NH 640S more challenging. There is a reliable price difference between these two.

New Holland 640-s

Though, Massey Ferguson 385 has a greater identity on the other side. If we perceive the contribution to the sales of this model in the total sales of the corporation it is 4% to 5%. Old Fiat 640 Tractor lovers still have this model in their favored record. Fiat New Holland NH 640s tractor is one of the mainly environment-friendly, profitable, and clued-up tractors for farmers. It is also easy-to-operate, appropriate, and provided a handy system for the user. With a suitable interior and operating interface, it can liven up the eventual performance of explicit tasks.


  • Most cost-effective in 75HP Range
  • Rugged, Maneuverable, and Compact
  • Easy convenience to Service Point
  • Ideal, all-around, All Round Tractor
  • Spring Suspension Delux Seat
  • accessibility of Parts & Service Facilities

Where do we transport?

Tractors are the essence of farming and agriculture. They are the lives of farmers. They as the method of computerization are following the rise of farming and agriculture as the Giant Fields within the African continent. While Africa possesses its preservation due to blossomed-by-nine-seasons-unparalleled-soil, and the Malik Argo Industries in making it gets documented as one of the world’s economies-Giants is no less. We propel all agricultural equipment, farm tractors, and other agricultural apparatus to South Africa, Pakistan, Kenya, Sudan, and all other African ports. No doubt, effectual and proficient farming can be done completely through tractors, which we at Malik Argo Industries are providing in great quantity to Africa.

Due to our brand new Holland tractors:

  • Reliability
  • Readily-Availability
  • Fixed but inexpensive rates
  • 24/7 Customer Care and fulfillment
  • Quality
  • ISO documentation

Who we are?

As one of the African countries’ main brand new tractors’ dealers, we are overmuch arrogant to state we are a most important producer of stupendous New Holland tractors and other farming apparatus. Our new Holland tractors are the eventual power engines not just for horticulture and agriculture but are also fit for municipal applications, pursuit farmers, homeowners, landscapers, rural existence, and even golf courses. Wrapped and probable in a dense and maneuverable package, our brand new tractors become yours in 3 weeks. They are sociable, familiar, full of speeding up, happy, and very easy to hold and work with. Our New Holland tractors’ models hold command competence ranging from HP 23 to HP 47.

They have all freedom that is necessary by you to work in pacify and without much strain and labor. Whether you suggest to just cut the turf, climax your field, dig any tire out, grow the farm, clean an unwavering yard, install a barrier, collect crops in acres of lands, or plow plenty of crops, our new Holland tractors make certain to save your time as well as wealth by working with massive hastening and plummeting personnel as they present supreme, Category-1 three-point hitch, and Electro-hydraulic 540 rpm rear PTO.

The following are scheduled features:

  • Fiat New Holland 640-s 2wd tractor is friendly to the environs, skillful, inexpensive, and provides the user with a greatly straightforward operating interface.
  • Like most New Holland Tractors, NH 640s 2wd works with elevated presentation and very important Fiat Engine.
  • NH 640s has a firm be astride rear axle which makes it a continuing tractor.
  • Fiat New Holland NH 640s 2wd tractor contains very premium oil-immersed disc brakes. Like lots of other New Holland vehicles, the NH640s model also has outstanding durable front axle support.
  • Fiat NH 640s 2wd tractor is prepared with a heavyweight steering arm and spindle. New Holland NH 640s tractor has a superior hydraulic distribution structure.
  • Fiat New Holland NH 640s 2wd tractor has tremendously developed hydrostatic power navigation for the relaxed drive.
  • NH 640s 2wd tractor has better P.T.O power.
  • It has a high-class D.T.O kit to work threshers and tube wells.
  • If you are concerned, you can inform Malik Argo Industries of what you are thinking about. Our experts will help out you to verify a better selection.

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